Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome to the Mysteries of My Mind

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am always saying that I should write down some of things that I think about while I am pushing the broom around, so here I go. I will also use this to show off some of the photos I take and the special pics that I do. Hopefully some of you will share your ideas and thoughts here.

I'll start with this photo I took 2 years ago. Yes that is a Cabbage Patch doll head on a pole. Actually it is a microphone stand. When the music department did their performance of "Moby Dick", I had this cool idea to take photos using the spot light to create shadows behind the people. Before I wasted people's time experimenting, I thought I would do a test shot. Miss Johnson had these doll heads laying around that were suppose to be shrunken heads, so I thought "This looks like a human head but how do I hold this up?". That's when I saw the mic stand and jammed the head on and ran in the gym with it. As it turned out there wasn't time to take the shots but I always hang on to all my photos, even the mistakes and test shots. I have the screen savers on my computers randomly display all my pictures and I have had a few people ask "Why did you take a shot of that?". There is always a method to my madness and I'll try to share some of that here along with the stories behind my favorite ones. Thank you for your time.

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