Friday, July 01, 2011

One Last Look (A Tribute to my Mom)

The room is ready for it's next occupant. The walls have been patched and the carpet cleaned. But if you close your eyes you can detect something just beyond the realm of senses. Not a ghost but a memory. A series of memories that go beyond these walls and span a life time. Because people are not defined by a place but by the life they have led and the people they have influenced. Presidents and Kings may get their page in a history book but it is the people who go unmentioned that make the world what it is. The woman who taught her kids to look beyond their lives to make the world around them better. Not to seek glory but to seek work because from work comes success and from success comes respect. I then opened my eyes and turn to walk out the door probably never to return but knowing that the life that was lived here will resonate for many years to come.

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