Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm a Man

Obviously being a custodian means having certain amount of cleaning to do and most the times that's not such a bad thing. But sometimes I just have to shake my head. Take graffiti,....please! It would be nice if the kids put as much effort into their English assingments, maybe they might be able to raise them upto an F. And it real hasn't changed much in the 25+ years since I've been in school. The usual references to intimate acts and "For a good time call..". The one today was "So and so is a faggot and queer". Most of times when they write that they probably don't mean that he is gay just that he is different from the writer. And what is wrong with that. I know I don't attend all the Men's Club meetings, you know the ones held at the bars, the football fields, the gym and any place men gather but I don't think I'm danger of losing my membership. Quite often it maybe two guys talking about their pick-ups and whose is bigger. After awhile I start to wonder do these guys mean mechanical or biological. I don't think being a man is about what you do or who you do but what comes from inside and as far as that goes it's just not for men only. I consider it more important how you treat one another and how you react in tough situations. Sometimes it takes a little bravery just to admit that he doesn't do the "normal" thing. Vive la difference. Now if you will excuse me I need to climb down off my soap box so I can use it to help my wife do dishes.

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